Gina G.
Always excellent

Staci M.
Dr. Harris is friendly & helpful!

Sally B.
Dr. Harris is very knowledgeable & caring. I would recommend her over and over again.

Dondi H.
Great experience, Dr. Harris was super informative and really helped me get on the right track to feeling great!

Caston H.
Dr. Harris has been my physician for years !!! I recommend her to all my family and friends. She is truly fantastic! Very rare to say with doctors these days.

Julie B.
Dr. Harris was so accommodating , and helpful during our appointment. Thank you Dr. Harris.

Christine D.
Dr. Harris is a great doctor and I have recommend her to friends.

Alicia P.
Love Dr Harris!

Karyn K.
I’ve been seeing Dr. Harris for several years now. She is beyond knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to. Helping me with my menopause symptoms has given me my life back!! I highly recommend Dr. Harris.

Kari F.
Great knowledgeable doctor! She knows her stuff about menopause a& hormones. I hope pellet works for me!

Bonnie C.
Excellent Doctor is super knowledgeable and attentive. She came up with a perfect plan for my wellness.

Antoaneta E.
Dr. Terese Harris was very professional and knowledgeable! Explained everything in details and I feel very comfortable trusting her with my treatment.

Kathleen V.
Dr Harris is great! Sat down took the time to get to know me and customize my treatments.

Marsha L.
Today was the first time meeting Dr Harris, it was very easy to talk with her, she took her time and helped me so much to get the correct answers, she answered everything with honesty and made you feel like it was a one on one great experience, I really liked her!!!!

Tracey M.
What can I state about the most kind, understanding doctor who graciously listens to her patients and always takes into account patients’ concerns and always works with her patients’ preferences. She has the BEST “bedside manner” and, for me, at least, that’s so crucial with any doctor that I may need to encounter! I adore you so much Dr. Harris, for always providing a safe environment for me!! For anyone entering, or, going through, menopause, PLEASE see her!

Chad S.
dr. Harris is professional and left me with an enjoyable experience. I learned a lot about what can be done to aid in my health and well-being. I look forward to following up and continuing this journey. Thank you, Chad Salisbury

Rachel E.
Love Dr. Harris, she is excellent at what she does. She spent a lot of time with us and recommend her for anti aging and hormones!

Meliss N.
One year ago I came to Dr. Harris in hopes of enhancing my orgasms…I mean if it can BE better, why not make it so? Well, that’s exactly what happened after I got the OMG shot last year. All I can say is O M G! Wow! Heightened sensation, easier to achieve orgasms, and hello intensity!!! I was so happy with my results that I came back this week for my second OMG shot. Prior to the shot, my orgasm record was 4 in a row. After the shot, my record is 9(!) orgasms in a row…hoping to break 10! Yes! Yes! Yes! Now- for the real feedback. Dr. Harris is fantastic. She makes you feel completely at ease talking about the most private details of your life, body, and issues. She is professional, knowledgeable, kind, patient, and just lovely! I highly recommend meeting with Dr. Harris to find out what she can do for you. I am sooooo glad I did! This time I also added the PRP breast lift to give a little boost to the girls. I’ll report back later on this. The procedure was not painful at all. Let’s hope I get a little fullness.

Lisa K.
I felt comfortable and taken care of right of from the minute I met Dr. Harris

Cortney K.
Dr. Harris was thorough and thoughtful. She listened to all of my symptoms and followed up with additional treatments even after my appt. Overall it was a wonderful experience and I’d highly recommend Dr. Harris!

Jay P.
Warm welcome feeling from the moment walked into the office till I walked out. Left the visit with so much useful information I’m still impressed. Dr. Harris THANK YOU!

Ann K.
Dr. Harris was so welcoming and professional and answered all of my questions. She is fantastic and I highly recommend her!

Dennese M.
Dr. Harris is a good listener and she treats you with care. I would recommend her.

Ann S.
I finally found a Dr. that takes time and listens! She is knowledgeable about menopause and very helpful.

Linda R.
I highly recommend Dr. Harris! She not only listens to her patients concerns, but she also takes her time to care for and understand each of her patients needs. and offer her expert advice. She is extremely professional, kind, sympathetic, understanding and extremely knowledgable!

Lisa F.
Very good Very informative and thorough

Bernadette W.
Dr. Harris listens and explains medical information in a concise and thoughtful manner which helped me to easily decide what was the right path to take in my medical care.

Edwin B.
My visit was quick, easy and pain free! I went to get skin tags removed and a few hours later one has already fallen off! I am extremely happy and would recommend Dr Terese to everyone!

Destiny C.
Highly recommend

Isabel H.
Dr.Harris was very helpful.

Candice G.
This first visit was just a consult, but it was an informative visit with lots of promise. Im excited to dive deeper into my personal health & start living my better life.

Chantel G.
There is hope after meeting with Dr Harris! She explains the different paths you can take to help with biological changes that happen as we mature (age;)). She is incredibly detail oriented, thorough and very patient. She treats your needs with a sense of urgency and compassion. I highly recommended her!!!

Kimberly S.
Dr. Harris is one of my favorite people, one top of being my favorite doctor. I’ve referred countless men and women to her because she’s amazing, has a great bedside manner and she actually cares about who you are and what makes you tick. She rules!

Francine K.
Dr Harris is knowledgable, kind and just an all around pleasure. I feel blessed to have found her. She has been a real help to me. Great experience!

Jim D.
Dr Harris was very professional and helped me correct my problem

Robin S.
Dr. Harris is very helpful in sharing her deep expertise and knowledge about women’s health and wellness concerns. She gives great hormone treatments and provides the latest information and advisement to help me feel great!

Felicia K.
Dr Harris is amazing! She is caring and informational! She makes things super easy to schedule and get your pellet!

Elissa G.
Understands ,listens and made me feel great again with her recommendations

Vonnie V.
Dr Harris is truly the BEST!!!! She makes you feel so comfortable you feel like your talking with a friend. She spends so much time with you & will discuss with you anything you need. I’m so grateful for her!!

Julie B.
Dr. Harris and her staff are fantastic. The professionalism from start to finish was outstanding. Dr. Harris throughly explained the goings on of my body and addressed how to achieve a successful result bringing my hormones back to normal working levels. I value her and her staff. The office practices all COVID requirements and is very clean. Upon departure, checking out with the front desk was quick and easy.

Staci M.
Dr. Harris was extremely caring, gentle & passionate about helping others. I would highly recommend her.

Adam M.
Dr Harris is incredible. I love her bed side manner and valuable explanations.

Claudine S.
This was my first visit to Dr Harris’ office. She was professional, friendly, engaging, and took the time to explain to me the various procedures and provided me with medical research. I would recommend Dr. Harris.

Danae C.
My mom has been coming to see Dr. Harris for many years now and she has always talked very highly of her. She has helped my mom with hormone therapy and more importantly with the hormone therapy no more loss of hair. So when I started losing my hair and my periods became irregular I finally decided to go see Dr. Harris. She is very friendly and compassionate. She listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions. I am so glad I finally made it to see her and I can’t wait for all of our years to come and the help that I will gain by having her as my dr too.

Christine D.
Good virtual visit!

Caroline L.
Dr. Harris is an amazing doctor. She has helped me and my daughter with our medical needs and she is so pleasant to work with. We receive our prescriptions immediately and she is so good at following up. She is definitely highly recommended.

Kristin S.
Dr Harris saved my life! Seriously, I was struggling daily with my work duties and having poor sleep every night. I was at my wits end and oral HRT and thyroid replacement was just not changing the quality of my life at all. I’d been on Levothyroxine for 10 years and Prempro for 10 yrs, and although initially it helped my symptoms tremendously within a yr or maybe 2 I was back to excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, hot flashing constantly, depression, and foggy mind. Dr Harris came recommended by a friend when I mentioned I was going to check out pellet hormone therapy. I about fell off the table when on the first day she asked, “So do you want a pellet today?” Medicine today is rarely a quick fix and generally you are left waiting in you miserable symptoms until the insurance grants you the permission to receive help. Within probably 3 weeks I was feeling relief. Ever since then Dr Harris continues to put my needs as a priority and uses her expertise to guide me towards my best life. I don’t know where I would be if I had not found Dr Harris! She is worth every dollar I have spent and then some! I wish I could give her all the money I have given my health insurance for the years of no help!

Sandy H.
I love Dr. Harris Everytie I see her I learn aout new thing about my personal goals for my health and beauty. That might sound funny but it is tur.

Sally S.
Dr. Harris is absolutely wonderful. She is knowledgeable, well-informed, kind, and professional. She takes time with each patient and presents options for care. She is available to her patients. She is flexible and willing to learn about and deal with my allergies and the limitations they present. This is a big deal for me. I am very please with the care Dr. Harris provides.

Nancy L.
Dr Harris is very knowledgeable, kind, and helpful!

Jon M.
Dr. Harris shares her knowledge and provides high level consulting and treatment options. She is a caring person who treats patients with individualized attention at a high level of expertise.

Dana T.
My experience was very comfortable even though we have not met in person. Dr. Harris was warm, personable and receptive to my concerns.

Sandy H.
Dr Harris is so great. Very attentive ask the right questions and knows her stuff. Her staff is wonderful. I even got a call from her staff on a sun even though she was sick. Just because I had emailed a question.

Mindy D.
Dr. Harris is a rare find. She not only has extended education and experience, but has an authentic caring personality. I am extremely happy to have found her.

Dianne F.
Dr. Harris provides outstanding service. She really listens to you and your concerns, and is very knowledgeable in women’s health issues especially menopause. I am so grateful I found her! She has gotten me back on track with my hormones and I have never felt better. I highly recommend Dr. Harris.

Malisa H.
Dr. Harris is extremely knowledgeable regarding women’s health. She is easy to talk with and is very personable. She has helped me with hormone replacement and supplements to improve my health.

Heather J.
Dr. Harris is easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and keeps up on new cutting-edge information to benefit her patients. Appointments with her never feel rushed and she takes the time to answer all questions. Thank you Dr Harris, for helping me feel great!

Always a good visit

Jode’ H.
Dr. Harris and her staff always greet you like a welcomed friend. She listens attentively, and expresses genuine compassion towards your medical concerns. I never have to worry about follow up, because she’s always way ahead of me! I would recommend Dr. Harris to anyone looking for unusually top-notch medical care.

Shirly T.
Dr. Harris is a five star doctor I would recommend her to anyone, easy to talk to and spends time answering all my questions❤️

Gena W.
Dr. Harris thoroughly reviewed all my labs results and offered substantive and useful feedback. She is a delight to have as a physician.

Tiffany W.
I have recommended Doc Harris to every one of my friends and family. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and caring! I have my husband seeing her, as well. We feel very fortunate to be under her care!

Christiane R.
I’m very happy with Dr.Harris, I’ve been seeing her for many years. She takes the time to listen to all my questions and concerns. Holistic approach is very important to me. I highly recommend Dr. Harris for hormone therapy and general wellness.

Dawn H.
Dr. Harris is very involved in the care of her patients. She gets to know you and offers wonderful help and suggestions toward good health. She is extremely knowledgeable and up to date with hormone issues. She listens and is compassionate with treatment recommendations. I have seen many other doctors that don’t come close to providing the level of care she does. I look forward to seeing her with each visit.

Amanda C.
Dr. Harris really takes the time to listen to your needs and concerns. So friendly!

Nancy D.
A wonderful doctor who takes the time to listen to your concerns. A rarity these days.

Dinorah C.
Its nice to be able to sit with a doctor who really listens and understands what it is you need and who gives you options for care.

Rebecca U.
Dr. Harris is great! Thorough, efficient, friendly, and fast. She is an excellent doctor!

Cole D.
Absolutely Phenomenal doctor and experience.

Lori L.
Love Dr. Harris. She is very informative and never rushes through the visit. She takes her time with you. I would recommend her highly.

Lynnette G.
Dr. Harris is always very thorough and took care of my hormone issues in less than a week……..very satisfied!

Bonnie C.
Great doctor. Extremely thourgh. Doesn’t miss a thing. She actually hears what you tell her. Great bedside Manner

Colleen J.
The best Dr. you will find, she is wonderful.

Colleen J.
Dr. Terese Harris is a wonderful, compassionate Dr. She spends time really listening to her patients, and genuinely cares. I have even had Dr. Harris respond to questions via email and phone on the weekends and off hours. The best Dr. I have ever been to.

Kristin S.
It’s such a relief to find a practitioner that not only understands what you’re going through but has the skill and tools to help. Dr Harris is extremely thorough and uses your history and current symptoms to come up with a treatment plan. Dr Harris is saving my sanity!

Matthew G.
I have never been to a more compassionate and smart doctor

Makenna Z.
Dr. Harris listens, cares, and is great at explaining what’s going on with your body simply so that you feel comfortable and informed. She set aside ample time with me so I didn’t feel rushed while making decisions on how I was best going to take care of my body. The women in my family trust her, and we practically all go to her now. Everyone at the office is very friendly and authentic. Good doctor, what else can I say?

Patricia C.
Dr.Harris is great. She has an awesome disposition and is tuned in to women’s health/hormone issues, as well as men’s. My husband and I receive bioidentical hormone therapy, and we feel great. I also use her for my annual gynecological needs. I highly recommend Dr. Harris.

Vicki L.
Dr. Harris was very personable, and was sure to explain everything to me. I was so delighted she was able to take me as a patient. I really appreciated her personal follow-up call to make sure all was going well. Not many doctors I have had go that extra step. Her staff is excellent as well.

Sheryl Y.
It’s was my first visit with Dr. Harris and I was very happy with the care I was given and my results from her treatment is great! I’m thankful for finding her.

Rifka O.
Dr. Harris is wonderful. She has helped me so much, and is always such delight, don’t know where I’d be without her!

Sue W.
I trust Dr Harris as a qualified provider.

Leslie S.
Dr. Harris is like a good girlfriend. She takes the time to get to know you and what your issues are. Explains options thoroughly and thoughtfully. Great patient care and follow up. Highly recommend her.

David C.
Dr. Harris is an extraordinarily knowledgeable medical professional who communicates thoroughly. As a patient, I’ve seldom encountered a doctor in whom I have so much confidence.

Chantal L.
Personal & caring

Kimberly R.
Dr. Harris is kind and considerate. She listened to my concerns and has helped me with my menopause and my bio identical hormone therapy. Don’t hesitate, you’ll be glad you called.

Tracy F.
Dr Harris is a wonderful person and practitioner. Her approach to healthcare is done with careful listening and dialogue. She is so knowledgeable and yet remains open minded with her patients as they work through health their issues. Her understanding and thoughtful approach is extremely helpful especially when faced with making important decisions about your healthcare. She is a rare gem and I am fortunate I found her.