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When it comes to supplemental hormones, you have choices. Terese Harris, MD, FACOG, offers bioidentical hormones to the communities of Fashion Island and Orange County through her practice in Newport Beach, California. Bioidentical hormones offer numerous benefits over other hormone replacement options. Dr. Harris is more than happy to discuss these benefits with you in a one-on-one consultation. You can book a visit online or over the phone.

Bioidentical Hormones Q & A

What are bioidentical hormones?

Hormones are chemical messengers that trigger a wide variety of responses in your body. Your body produces the hormones you need to thrive, but as you age that production naturally declines. This can lead to many troubling and inconvenient symptoms. 

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) strives to restore optimal hormonal balance by replacing the level of hormones you produced naturally. 

Bioidentical hormones are also synthetic but are manufactured from plant estrogens from sources like peanuts and yams. They share the exact molecular structure of the hormones your body produces naturally. 

How are bioidentical hormones formulated?

Dr. Harris often uses bioidentical hormones created in a compounding pharmacy. This approach allows a trained compounding pharmacist to blend the exact amount of hormones each patient needs rather than a one size fits all method. 

Large drug companies do offer some bioidentical hormone options, but they come in standard dosing. Because the amount of hormones needed varies from one person to the next, standard dosing doesn’t always hit the mark. 

Dr. Harris performs a comprehensive exam and measures your hormone levels prior to creating your customized HRT plan. Once your treatment is underway, she closely monitors your progress and makes adjustments as needed to achieve optimal hormonal balance.

How long will I need bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

This is a simple question with a complex answer. There is no standard course of treatment for hormone replacement therapy, as each individual has a distinct set of needs. 

Dr. Harris works closely with you to evaluate how well your HRT plan is working. You’ll discuss any changes you’ve noticed, including how your symptoms have improved over time. Each person’s body reacts a bit differently to hormone replacement, so it may take a period of trial and error to find the right dose for you.

Every effort is made to adhere to the guidance set forth by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, which states that hormone replacement should be delivered using the lowest effective dose for the shortest possible period of time. 

When you’re ready to learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, come in for a consultation with Dr. Harris. Online scheduling is available, or you can call the office to speak with a member of the administrative staff regarding appointment availability.


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