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We have all read the CDC guidelines and the Media has certainly driven home the importance of keeping up on our sleep and washing our hands. What people really want to know is “What more can I do to decrease my risk of getting this virus?” (Yes, there have been a few phone calls and emails)

With advanced training in Regenerative Medicine , sometimes I have a few extra tricks up my sleeve. Here’s a few:


  • Supplements would include Vitamin C 1000mg per day, Vitamin D 5000IU per day , Zinc 10-24mg as Zinc Gluconate, L-lysine up to 1000mg per day
  • Herbs would include Elderberry, Astragalus, Siberian Ginseng, ginger, garlic and ,of course, probiotics to keep your natural immunity high. Look for a high quality probiotic with 5-10 different strains and 50 billion CFU (colony forming units)
  • IV Therapies

Over the counter supplements and herbs are both convenient and easy, yet for a more effective protection, High dose Vitamin C via IV is available at Restore Med Clinic. High dose Vitamin C along with B Vitamins have been used since the 1930’s to treat many viral illnesses such as hepatitis, Epstein Barr virus, chicken pox and viral pneumonia.

Viral infections also lead to oxidative stress. One of the most powerful  antioxidants available is Glutathione. Come in today for an IV push of Glutathione

  • Peptides

Thymosin alpha-1 (TA-1) for immune stimulation

Pentosan Polysulfate is a selective inhibitor of viral replication

SelankSelank is a variant of the immune molecule tufstin and has potent antiviral properties

As I wrote this, I was notified of the EOC press release for Orange County. I want to remind all of my patients that I am available via for Telemedicine. Stay Well my friends!!

I am available through Amwell at


Author Terese Harris, MD, FACOG, FAARM Dr. Harris is double Board Certified in OB/Gyn and Regenerative Medicine. She is an expert in the field of Bio-Identical Hormone therapy and Mid-Life Female Issues such as Menopause, Sexual Health, Vaginal Rejuvenation and Restoring Happiness to your life!

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