All Covid 19 Testing available now! Get back to your Life with Confidence!

1. If you would like the PCR testing, please call 714-794-1818 as I have them in the office and will deliver to you.

2. If you would like Antibody testing, see the instructions below. 

You may order the kits yourself from the site below. 

Please make note of the Physician Reference Number (C-1901489). Both you and your patients will need this number to order online at the KBMO website.

In order for your patients to receive a test please have them navigate to the following website:

This link will bring them to the test order form. 


Time Frame

The kits that we will be sending out can be shipped to doctors and patients with a turn around time of 24-48 hours.


Drop Ship kits and at home Phlebotomy Service



We have partnered with 6000 Phlebotomist to enable patients to be tested at home. Please see the instructions below.


Please provide the following information:

Patient Name

Patient Address

Patient Phone Number



Prices for mobile phlebotomy services

Single draw: $100.00

Multiple draws: $100.00 for first and $50.00 for each additional at same location 

Hourly draws (3 hour minimum): $100.00 per hour

(You could have a COVID-19 testing party! 6 feet apart, of course)


If you have any questions please contact us at:

or by phone at: 1-617-933-8130 KBMO

OR give me a call 714-794-1818



Terese Harris, MD, FACOG, FAARM Dr. Harris is double Board Certified in OB/Gyn and Regenerative Medicine. She is an expert in the field of Bio-Identical Hormone therapy and Mid-Life Female Issues such as Menopause, Sexual Health, Vaginal Rejuvenation and Restoring Happiness to your life!

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